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Admission Policies

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria


PBBTS does not discriminate based on race, color, age, sex, nationality or ethnic, or physical handicap. It our purpose to develop Christian character.

Christians service: students are required to perform 50 hours of Christian service per year, under supervision of a pastor or other qualified supervisors. This is usually performed on a weekly basis. Christian service is not an option. It is a vital part of training and character building.

Christian Ethics:

PBBTS believes that every aspect of a Christian’s life must reflect an awareness of God’s Kingdom. It is the special responsibility of those which serve as leaders in the body of Christ to live an exemplary life and to encourage excellence in others. These areas include recognition of the authority of God’s word, service to the Lord, Christian character, modesty in dress and language, and sensitivity toward the needs of others.

Church Membership:

Active involvement of a local church is an essential part of Christian’s life and growth process. It is also a key element in preparation for effective ministry. PBBTS requires and expects all students to actively participate in their local churches.

New Student:

Applicants seeking a degree program into PBBTS must have a minimum of a high school education or have passed the general Education Development Test (GED), or have an equivalent education.

General Procedures:

Each new student must submit a complete package consisting of the following items:

  • Application for admission

  • Ethical conduct Standard

  • Application fee ($50.00)

  • Church endorsement Form

  • Two clear photographs, preferably something like a passport photo.

  • Copy of High School Diploma or GED (if starting the degree program).

  • Attend orientation.

Application Requirements

Applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, except under special circumstances as approved by PBBTS, and must have been a Christian for at least one year.


Transfer or Assessment:


Credits earned from other college Level Examination Program (CLEP) are eligible for transfer to fulfill program requirements. The procedures for transfer credits, whether prior to application or transfer of general education courses, are the same as other applicants. The transfer credits must be validated by an official transcript sent directly from the institution to the Palm Beach Baptist Theological Seminary in West Palm Beach.




PBBTS takes student withdrawal seriously. Students considering such actions seek counsel from their advisors, and especially from God through prayer. Most adverse circumstances can be resolved. Students electing to withdrawal must do so in writing.

Application Requirements

Fee Schedules:

Application Fee: $50.00

This fee is non-refundable and is paid once, whether the student is applying for a degree or non-degree program. The fee is to be submitted with the initial application. No application will be process until the fee is paid.



  • Credit: for the diploma is $350 per course

  • Credit for the Associate and Bachelor of Arts is $350 per course

  • Credit for Master is $450.00 per course

  • Credit for Doctorate is $500.00 per course

Tuition Refund

  • A full refund will be granted at any time prior to the meeting of the second class (one week).

  • One-half refund will be granted at any time prior to the meeting of the fourth class (three weeks).

  • After beginning tr fourth meeting of the class, no refund is granted (after three weeks).



Students may enroll in any course. Students in an audited course will not take the examinations nor will they be required to complete any of the assignments. However, any course taken on an audit only basis cannot be assessed later for credit. Regular class audit attendance is required to maintain an audit on the transcript.


Students are eligible to attend graduation ceremonies and receive their degree. They may also be eligible to graduate “with honors”. The following must be met to fulfill graduation requirements:

  1. Successful completion (2.0 or higher GPA) of program.

  2. A passing average on all written assignments, examinations, and research.

  3. Completion of Christ service criteria.

  4. Payment of all fees.


Students will receive their diplomas upon satisfactory completion of the graduation requirements.


PBBTS will provide a transcript to students and other institutions upon request for a minimum fee, providing all other financial obligations have been met.

President’s Award:

This award is given annually to outstanding graduates. The selection is made by the President and faculty based on the student’s total academic experience.

Repeating courses:

A student may take a course twice, only the recent grade will apply when computing the grade point average. Each course entry will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Only the same course, taken at PBBTS, will be considered as a repeated course.

Academic Probation:

Student whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below 1.5 at the end term will be placed on academic probation. Periodic meeting with academic advisors is mandatory while remedying the situation. Tutorial is available.

Reinstatement Policy:

A student who has been officially dismissed from Palm Beach Theological Seminary for any reason will have two weeks to apply for reinstatement. The student’s entire school record will be reviewed and a personal interview with the academic office will be required for reinstatement. 

Academic Integrity:

It is the desire of the PBBTS to create an environment of scholarly inquiry within the bounds of integrity. Christian witness demands that scholars present their research in truth and originality. Consequently, PBBTS’ administration and faculty take very seriously the issue of academic integrity.

Academic integrity covers a wide range of activities such as writing, testing, etc. The integrity of a student’s work is violated when he has been involved in one or more of the following acts:


Because of PBBTS commitment to truth and moral behavior, any form of teaching or use of means contrary to the prescribed instructions for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage on graded requirements will not be tolerated. A student who is suspected of cheating will be confronted, and if found in violation, will be disciplined.


“To take ideas, writings, etc. from another and pass them off as one’s own” (Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1980, p. 1087). To avoid plagiarism, the student needs to cite completely and accurately all sources from which an idea or phrase originates. Plagiarism also encompasses the misuse of another’s ideas and is not isolated to words or phrases.

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